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Rock-Clan Guestbook
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281 guestbook entries so far
Tuesday, 02. July 2013, 17:45
Email   nope@gmx.de 
Name   TMGeorge 
Comment   good old times :-) 
Monday, 28. February 2011, 12:02
Email   mahir.elhoni@gmail.com 
Name   Mahir 
Comment   Nice site 
Wednesday, 09. June 2010, 14:23
Email   fathermike@irishnation.com 
Name   Father Mike 
Comment   great site

Friday, 26. March 2010, 23:47
Email   mr.anderson@inbox.com 
Name   Thomas Anderson 
Comment   Rock on!!! 
Saturday, 13. March 2010, 12:04
Email   chrisbaker918@yahoo.com 
Name   chris 
Comment   Great site 
Thursday, 11. March 2010, 20:18
Email   harald.deil@googlemail.com 
Name   Harald 
Comment   yeah its fun

Wednesday, 03. February 2010, 10:06
Email   kenlee419@rocketmail.com 
Name   Ken Lee 
Comment   Enjoy
Thursday, 26. November 2009, 18:19
Email   kai.vk@hush.ai 
Name   kai 
Comment   nice site! 
Monday, 09. November 2009, 15:59
Email   lolililol@gmx.de 
Name   lisa 
Comment   alles lol 
Monday, 09. November 2009, 15:50
Email   lol@gmx. de 
Name   lisa 
Comment   Alles lol 
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New guestbook entry
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